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Sermon Illustrations about Nation

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Nation to help bring your sermon to life.

Protestantism Against Secularism

It seems to me that despite its priority for socio-political change, organized Protestantism shows little strength for stemming the secular tide. It ineffectively ...

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Ingenuity's Outcasts

The children of these [poor, urban] neighborhoods are not suffering by mistake. They are the outcasts of our nation's ingenuity. We lock them up in ...

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The Inner Drama

Out in front of us is the drama of men and of nations, seething, struggling, laboring, dying ... but within the silences of the souls of men an eternal ...

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Our Open Road

The videotape of history seems stuck on fast rewind--as our post-Christian era comes to resemble the pre-Christian era: Material affluence amid moral ...

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Providence, R.I., Bethlehem, Pa …

Number of places in the United States named after something in the Bible: 61,742

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Religion and Politics

The problem isn't how to keep religion out of politics but how to subject political life to spiritual criticism without losing sight of the tension ...

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