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Sermon Illustrations about Moderation

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Moderation to help bring your sermon to life.

Americans Plan to Scale Back on Holiday Spending This Year

A Gallup poll taken back in October asked Americans to predict how much they’ll spend on Christmas gifts this year. The average came out to $805. ...

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When Healthy Eating Isn't a Match for Stress

Yes, we all know we should eat healthy. But even the healthiest of diets can meet their match in an all-too-familiar enemy: stress.

A study recently published ...

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"Brave New World": Death by Gaming

Is it possible to play yourself to death? Officials at a Chinese Internet cafe think so ever since a 30-year-old man died after playing a game online ...

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Man Trapped in Vat of Chocolate

A 21-year-old man was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries after being trapped waist-deep in a vat of chocolate for two hours.

The man, ...

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Man Dies After 50 Hours of Video Games

That's when Lee sat down at a local Internet café in the southern city of Taegu. He logged in on Wednesday, August 3, and spent the next three ...

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Wife Higher Priority Than Food and Clothes

A man should eat and drink beneath his means, clothe himself within his means, and honor his wife above his means.

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Wealth in Poverty

Old debt accompanied our new marriage. Income from Peter's free-lance job was unpredictable. As Christmas approached and other couples were buying ...

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Perfectionism Gone Awry

If practiced to perfection, any virtue can become a vice. Prudence creates niggardliness; honesty, cruelty; self-respect, vainglory; knowledge, condescension; ...

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