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Sermon Illustrations about Misunderstanding

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Misunderstanding to help bring your sermon to life.

Tiny Midges Cause Lincoln Memorial Deterioration

In the late 1980s, the National Park Service noticed that the Lincoln Memorial was slowly crumbling and deteriorating. Why? Part of the problem was from ...

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Comic on Internet Medical Searches Shows Importance of Good Diagnosis

In the age of the internet, most of us diagnose our minor illnesses and injuries with a trip to Google rather than a trip to the doctor. But as this hilarious ...

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Joke about Listening to the 'Whole' Story

One day an old man was casually walking along a country lane with his dog and his mule. Suddenly a speeding pick-up truck careened around the corner, ...

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Actor Jeff Bridges on "Not Loving Enough"

In a recent interview (September 2013), the Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges was asked to identify his worst character defect. Bridges said:

Not loving ...

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Child Asks if People Breathe in Hell

(This illustration is a true story.) While riding with her mother, Dorothy, a kindergartner, saw some poles sticking up from under the ground and asked ...

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Botched Translation Leads to Tragedy

A good translation or translator really does matter. Professional translator Nataly Kelly tells the following story about what journalists have called ...

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Imaginary Journal Entries from a Wife's and a Husband's Perspective

The following quotes represent two imaginary journal entries as a wife and her husband reflect on the same day's events:

Her Journal: Tonight, my husband ...

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A Guard Against Pride

It is good that we at times endure opposition, and that we are evilly and untruly judged, when our actions and intentions are good. Often such experiences ...

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Taken for a Ride

At the elementary school where I teach, we recently had a problem with students throwing rocks. The principal made an announcement over the intercom warning ...

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