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Sermon Illustrations about Mistakes

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Mistakes to help bring your sermon to life.

Big Mistakes

Some misplaced quotation marks were largely responsible for these interesting items in our church bulletin announcing two new classes and their locations: ...

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Marriage Hazards

Newly married to a sailor, my first experience at washing clothes was a total disaster. At muster the following morning, my husband was the only sailor ...

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Inevitable Error

Error is the inevitable consequence of living.

Mutual error is the inevitable consequence of living together.

Argument or faultfinding is the defensive ...

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Strength in the Midst of Error

Strong people make as many and as ghastly mistakes as weak people. The difference is that strong people admit them, laugh at them, learn from them. That ...

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Remember Our Roots

The map of God's activity, then, is not a blank ocean between the apostolic shores and our modern day. So we need to remember--and search for our ...

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No Eraser

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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Success after a Fall

Success doesn't mean everything in our lives has turned out well. You can be successful in coming back from a fall.

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A Late Decision

One of the wealthiest men in our community has the dubious distinction of having blown four children out of the saddle: one in prostitution, two in drugs, ...

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The Folly of Human Assumptions

A traveler, between flights at an airport, went to a lounge and bought a small package of cookies. Then she sat down and began reading a newspaper. Gradually, ...

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An Early View of Anesthesia

The abolishment of pain in surgery is a chimera. It is absurd to go on seeking it today. "Knife" and "pain" are two words in surgery ...

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