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Sermon Illustrations about Mission statement

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Mission statement to help bring your sermon to life.

Product Names with a Life of Their Own

In 1907, the American Thermos Bottle Company launched a marketing campaign to popularize its vacuum-insulated bottles. They succeeded so spectacularly ...

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The Church Can Learn Something from Steve Jobs

At a Worldwide Developers Conference Steve Jobs said:

One of the things I’ve always found is that you’ve got to start with the customer experience ...

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First Baptist Church Mission Statement

First Baptist Church lives to glorify Christ by making disciples who are growing in relationship with God in worship, then with the church in fellowship, ...

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Community Baptist Church Mission Statement

Reach unchurched people in the Inland Empire. Help them grow in Christ. So we can together serve the Lord in ministry.

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Lake City Church Mission Statement

We believe God's vision for us is to be a contemporary church, believer based, seeker sensitive, creatively and consistently evangelizing, encouraging, ...

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South Coast Community Church Mission Statement

To provide a nonjudgmental, relevant atmosphere; to introduce people to a personal, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ; to encourage personal growth ...

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Chapel Hill Bible Church Mission Statement

We are to glorify God by responding to the Lord Jesus Christ through EXALTING him as Creator, Savior, and Lord, EXEMPLIFYING him and the values of his ...

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First Congregational Church Mission Statement

As a church, we are to continue a strong pulpit ministry, teaching the Scriptures and the lordship of Christ, develop discipleship and stewardship among ...

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Creekside Free Methodist Church Mission Statement

To be a haven for worship and prayer; To provide opportunities for instruction and fellowship; To call all people to a life devoted to Jesus Christ.

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Evangelism at Home and Abroad

We need "bifocal" vision, a balance of being concerned close to home and committed to world evangelism.

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