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Sermon Illustrations about Mental Illness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Mental Illness to help bring your sermon to life.

Nevada Hospital Ships Out Mentally Ill Patients

Over the past five years, Nevada's primary psychiatric hospital has found a novel way to deal with their mentally ill patients: they put them on Greyhound ...

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U.S. Suicide Rates Rising Sharply

A May 2013 article in The New York Times notes that "suicide rates among middle-aged Americans have risen sharply in the past decade." Here are the stats ...

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The Soloist—Just Show Up and Be a Friend

The film (and the book) The Soloist tells the true story of an unlikely friendship between Steve Lopez, a reporter for the L.A. Times, and Nathaniel Ayers, ...

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Stats about the Prevalence of Depression

However we choose to define depression, both its frequency and its disruption of normal life are staggering. The World Health Organization named depression ...

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Is Grief a Form of Mental Illness?

The New York Times ran a moving article about a professor whose son died from a drug overdose. There's a lot to mull over in this article, including ...

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The Word of God and Psychology

Living the Word of God is much more basic to helping people than psychology will ever be.

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The Insane World

We are gradually approaching, with the decadence of youth, a near proximity to a nation of madmen. By comparing the lunacy statistics of 1809 with those ...

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Thinking About Heaven

A friend of mine who was a minister in southern California told me recently of a woman in a mental sanitarium there. She'd been in the sanitarium ...

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