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Sermon Illustrations about Measuring ministry

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Measuring ministry to help bring your sermon to life.

Sheriff Roasted on Twitter for Puzzling Boulder Description

In late January, a nondescript Twitter account for the local sheriff’s office started receiving attention from around the nation after it issued ...

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How God Used a ‘Dead in the Water’ Sermon

One afternoon while walking through the Norfolk General Hospital, Dr. Hugh Litchfield heard his name being called from across the lobby. As a man approached, ...

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Max Lucado Temporarily Lost the Joy of the Lord

Author and Pastor Max Lucado recently reflected on his experience of losing the joy of the Lord to a spirit of gadgets and gauges. Lucado said:

For years ...

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The United States of Metrics

A New York Times article observes that Americans measure everything. It says, "In the last few years, there has been a revolution so profound that ...

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God Desires Diversity

The idea that success is measuring up to someone else's standard is a lie. ... God needs a diversity of people.

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