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Sermon Illustrations about Material possessions

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Material possessions to help bring your sermon to life.

Rich Man Forgets His Luxury Boat

The BBC reports, "A wealthy man has come forward to claim a luxury boat that has been floating in a Swedish harbor for at least two years." ...

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Where Do We Find Contentment?

John Rosemond, a funny nationally syndicated columnist—and also a family psychologist—likes to take unusual informal polls of parents. Whenever ...

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Test of Materialism

"The real point of materialism is not how much we have, but what has us. It's not what we hold, but how tightly we hold it. Not what we have, ...

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You Can't Always Get What You Want ...

In his book Maverick, Ricardo Semler tells of a lesson he learned working at Semco: "We were in yet another meeting ... when we came to the purchase ...

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Don't Clutter

Don't own so much clutter

That you will be relieved

To see your house catch fire.

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Open Hands

The genius of Christian spirituality is to integrate (the) spirit of possession with the spirit of dispossession. The spirit of dispossession implies ...

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A Fuller Life

I hear an almost inaudible but pervasive discontent with the price we pay for our current materialism. And I hear a fluttering of hope that there might ...

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The Road Less Traveled

Within the New Testament, there is no indication that Christians should expect to be healthy, wealthy, and successful in this present age. ... Christ ...

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We Are not What We Own

In April 1997, residents of Grand Forks, North Dakota abandoned their possessions to the rising river. Record snowfalls had melted into record spring ...

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When Loss Is Gain

In his book of sermons The Living Faith, Lloyd C. Douglas tells the story of Thomas Hearne, who, "in his journey to the mouth of the Coppermine River, ...

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