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Sermon Illustrations about Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to help bring your sermon to life.

Martin Luther King Jr. on Faith

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.”

—Martin Luther King Jr.

“This faith transforms ...

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Martin Luther King Jr. Hears Jesus' Promise

Most people know about the passion of Martin Luther King Jr. for racial justice and nonviolent resistance. However, some people aren't as familiar ...

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John Ortberg Considers the Ongoing Battle with Racism

Psychologists have found an intriguing way to study what it is that we really like and dislike. It's called "affective priming." They print ...

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Filmmaker Excludes Latinos in World War II Documentary

It's not all that hard to argue that Ken Burns is the biggest name in the world of documentaries. His stirring works about the Civil War, baseball, ...

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Unique Call of Scripture

In the movie, The Hurricane, based on real events, Denzel Washington plays boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a man whose dreams of winning the ...

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He Preached for Us

Martin Luther King, Jr., did not come preaching something new. He came shouting something we already knew: "You have said in your own Declaration ...

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God's Presence--In Us

The emotional ecstasy of Black Protestant worship symbolizes a profound religious truth: the preeminent place of God's presence in this world is the ...

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The Need for Renewal

I look out upon my own African-American community, and I wince when I hear those stirring words from James Weldon Johnson, "Stony, the road we trod, ...

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No Racial Barriers

Skin color does not matter to God, for he is looking upon the heart. When men are standing at the foot of the cross, there are no racial barriers.

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The Courage of a Seamstress

I think of a seamstress, a member of the Dexter Avenue Baptist church, a devoted Christ follower, who believed that Jesus had something to teach a segregated ...

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