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Sermon Illustrations about Mankind

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Mankind to help bring your sermon to life.

Don't Miss the Most Beautiful Part of God's Creation—People

Pastor and author Eugene Peterson notes that it's easy for us to look at the grandeur and beauty of the mountains or to bask in the warmth of the spring ...

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Which Perspective Offers Better Picture of Reality?

In a collection of sermons by Ralph W. Sockman, one particular sermon includes a story that raises the question "Which is the real world: the one ...

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Only Humans Can Be Martyrs

Some ants build; some ants sow and later reap the crop; and some apes fight and have wars although they are not as cruel as people are. But nothing in ...

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The Human Focus

If we decided to examine the universe objectively in the sense of paying equal attention to portions of equal mass, this would result in a lifelong preoccupation ...

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