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Sermon Illustrations about Manipulation

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Manipulation to help bring your sermon to life.

Self-Sacrificial Love Gives Way to Cheap Sex

Kevin, a 24-year-old recent college graduate from Denver, wants to get married someday and is "almost 100% positive" that he will. But not soon, he says, ...

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Expensive Truffle Oil Has No Truffles in It

Nothing boosts the prestige of a food or beverage like the perception that it is traditional, hand-picked, fresh, or otherwise limited in production. ...

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The Lie Behind 'The Crying Indian'

On Earth Day, 1971, Keep America Beautiful launched what was called one of the "50 greatest commercials of all time." Dubbed "The Crying Indian," the ...

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Taco Bell's Tricky Language

Dan Jurafsky, a professor of linguistics at Stanford, revealed in a recent interview some interesting ways that Taco Bell uses language in their menus: ...

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Popular Japanese Composer Exposed as Fraud

The Japanese composer Mamoru Samuragochi has been hailed as the "Japanese Beethoven" for creating hit symphonies despite his deafness. He claimed ...

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Research Discovers 237 Reasons for Sex

When researchers at the University of Texas at Austin asked 2,000 people why they have sex, there were plenty of answers—237, to be precise. The ...

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The Telltale Sign of a False Teacher

False teachers invite people to come to the Master's table because of what's on it, not because they love the Master.

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It Never Gets That Desperate

In God's order, there is never a situation so desperate that it must grind people to powder or press a financial appeal at the cost of integrity.

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Forgetting the Emotions of Others

I'm not as prone to manipulate people's emotions as I am to forget them.

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Manipulation and Leadership

The difference between manipulation and leadership is motive.

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