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Sermon Illustrations about Lying

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Lying to help bring your sermon to life.

Alcoholics Anonymous Founder Lived a Lie

Bill Wilson was the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. For that accomplishment, Time magazine named Wilson one of the Top 100 People of the 20th century. ...

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Lying Is Hard Work

Lying takes serious thought! That’s the conclusion of neuroscientists at Temple University. According to the Chicago Tribune, “With brain ...

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Captain Refused to Acknowledge He Was Lost

On September 3, 1989, Varig Airlines Flight 254 was at Brazil's Maraba Airport preparing for takeoff. Under normal circumstances the hop to nearby ...

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Humans with Lie Detecting Ability

Maureen O'Sullivan is a deception expert. She says that even though most people believe they can easily detect when someone is lying, they are wrong ...

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A Case Study in Ruthless Ambition

For a picture of ruthless ambition, you could look no further than Richard Owen, the gifted scientist who coined the term dinosaur in 1841. Owen wrote ...

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High School Quarterback Prizes Integrity Above Record

As seventeen-year-old Nate Hassis left the football field on Saturday, October 25, 2003, the senior quarterback at Springfield Southeast High School was ...

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Epidemic of Lies

It was the dream of a lifetime for George O'Leary: A chance to coach the world's most prestigious football team—Notre Dame's Fighting ...

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Misbehaving Daughter Sees Need for Conversion

Ken Canfield writes in "The Heart of a Father”:

During a family vacation, Sarah got a little ornery and pushed Hannah.

"Did you push your ...

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Falsified Resume Topples College Coach

On December 12, 2001, George O'Leary had to let go of a dream when, after only five days, he had to step down as the head football coach at the University ...

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How Good Executives Become Corrupt

Jim Collins, best-selling business author, writes about the crisis of business ethics in the wake of the bankruptcies at Enron and Worldcom. He describes ...

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