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Sermon Illustrations about Lying

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Lying to help bring your sermon to life.

The Biggest Lies

Some of the biggest lies ever told:

The check is in the mail.
You get this one; I'll pay next time.
My wife doesn't understand me.
Trust me, I'll ...

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Deception in Hollywood

Film producer Linda Obst (Sleepless in Seattle and Contact) commented on the rampant deception that permeates Hollywood culture: “Inhale. Lie. Exhale. ...

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Dershowitz Points to Perjury

"On the basis of my academic and professional experience, I believe that no felony is committed more frequently in this country than [crimes within] ...

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Deceiver's Best Friend

"Our aim is total peace of mind for you and your family." That is the motto of the Alibi Agency, a start-up company Â…whose purpose is to provide ...

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Lies Grow

A lie is like a snowball. The longer it is rolled on the ground the larger it becomes.

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The Trouble with Lying

No one has a good enough memory to lie.

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There Are No Little White Lies

To lie a little is not possible; whoever lies, lies a whole lie.

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The Comfort of Truth-Telling

Telling the truth makes life simpler and more comfortable. If you don't, you have to struggle to keep your stories straight, trying to remember what-all ...

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The Truth About Lying and Other Evils

Ninety-one percent of us admit we lie routinely. Thirty-one percent of us who are married admit to having an extramarital affair lasting over a year. ...

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Lies' Long Lives

One of the striking differences between a cat and a lie is a cat only has nine lives.

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