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Sermon Illustrations about Luxury

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Luxury to help bring your sermon to life.

Editor Describes American Life as Too Full

Vacationing in the British Virgin Islands with his family, magazine editor William Falk found himself longing for a simple life. Gazing across the water, ...

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"Annie": What Heaven Is Like

Annie depicts the adventures of an orphan girl at New York City's Hudson Street Home for Girls during the Great Depression. Miss Hannigan, the alcoholic ...

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Starbucks Offers a Multitude of Choices

The number of different ways that Starbucks can serve a cup of coffee: 19,000.

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Expensive Makeovers Are Only Skin Deep

Extreme makeovers are in. Of the 6.6 million cosmetic-plastic-surgery patients in 2002, nearly a third had multiple procedures at the same time. To facilitate ...

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When $15 Million a Year Is Not Enough

Born into a small house crammed with lots of people, professional basketball player Scottie Pippen didn't have much as a boy. But his journey into the ...

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Million-Dollar Home Sales Soar

Buyers in 2000 smashed records for homes sold for more than $1 million. The analysis is based on sales of residential real estate recorded with local ...

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Pampered Puppy

Ronald Warwick, captain of the luxury cruise ship Queen Elizabeth II, questioned a passenger who paid full fare for his dog to join them on an around-the-world ...

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