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Sermon Illustrations about Lukewarmness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Lukewarmness to help bring your sermon to life.

'Treebeard' Can't Remain Neutral in a Battle from 'The Lord of the Rings'

Remember the character of Treebeard, a leader among the race of Ents, the shepherds of the forest in The Lord of the Rings? The Ents are described as ...

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Chuck Colson: Life Is More than Money, Power, and Pleasure

Charles Colson tells the following story about his home town of Naples, Florida, which he calls "one of the garden spots of the world."

It's an absolute ...

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Jewish Leader Prays for Everyone to Know Jesus, Even Christians

Arthur F. Burns, the chairman of the United States Federal Reserve System and ambassador to West Germany, was a man of considerable gravity. Medium in ...

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78-year-old Christian Leader Renews His Commitment to Christ

Soon after the publication of John Stott's 1971 revised edition of Basic Christian, he received a letter that read:

Dear John,
Thank you for writing Basic ...

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Statistics About the Surge of Spiritually Apathetic Americans

A December, 2011, article in USA Today analyzed a surge in a group of Americans called the "spiritually apathetic." They aren't atheists. Instead, according ...

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Guide Tells River Rafters: Stay in the Rough Water

Palmer Chinchen writes in “True Religion”:

My brothers and I had traveled to the western edge of Zimbabwe to raft the Zambezi River. We boarded ...

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The Gentle Seduction of Temptation

In his book Tempted and Tried Russell Moore recounts an NPR program about a scientist named Temple Grandin who is researching new ways to gently kill ...

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Breaking Through Our Fears to Serve Christ

Gary Haugen, the founder of International Justice Mission, a Christian organization that frees people trapped in sex trafficking, describes God's ...

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NASCAR Racers Need Speed

Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, a physics professor at the University of Texas, wrote a book about the physics of NASCAR racing, and for her research she was ...

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Augustine on Valuing Christ

Christ is not valued at all, unless he is valued above all.

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