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Sermon Illustrations about Love

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Love to help bring your sermon to life.

The Blessing of Sex

Sexual satisfaction is not a right, but a blessing.

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Human Love Falls Short

I was preaching in the Midwest one day, when a woman came to me with a little girl at her side. This woman showed by the cast on her arm and some scars ...

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The Exercise of Love

Let none pretend that they love the brethren in general, and love the people of God, and love the saints, while their love is not fervently exercised ...

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The Loving Preacher

To love to preach is one thing--to love those to whom we preach, quite another.

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How Much You Care

Those to whom you minister may not always perfectly understand what you say, but they will soon know whether you love them or not. The secret of many ...

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Save a Dog but Not a Stranger

It is no wonder that in 15 years of asking high school students throughout America whether, in an emergency situation, they would save their dog or a ...

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Judged by Love

Frederick Buechner put it so well: "Romantic love is blind to everything except what is lovable and lovely. But Christ's love sees us with terrible ...

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Love Must Be Aerobic

Ever feel overwhelmed by the Bible's command to love unconditionally? When people ask me, "How can I ever start to love everyone like I should?" ...

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