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Sermon Illustrations about Love for Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Love for Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

Marriage Doesn't Bring Fulfillment

Marriage isn't going to fulfill you. Only a relationship with Christ will. When you come to that realization, it can free you to really love your ...

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Astounding Faith

Our faith is an astounding thing--astounding that I should believe him to be the Son of God who is suspended on the cross, whom I have never seen, with ...

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Lovers Understand

Illustrator/painter Gustave Dore, one of the patron saints of the DreamWorks team of Spielberg/Katzenberg/Geffen, was handed a painting of Jesus just ...

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Examples of Martin Luther's Love

When Martin Luther married, neither he nor his bride, Katherine von Bora, felt "in love." Katherine was still getting over a broken engagement ...

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Removing Hindrances

All people desire what they believe will make them happy. If a person is not full of desire for God, we can only conclude that he is engaged with another ...

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The Different Faces of Love

Joy is love exalting and peace is love at rest.

Patience, love enduring in every trial and test.

Gentleness, love yielding to all that is not sin.

Goodness, ...

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The Heights and Depths of Love

The height of our love for God will never exceed the depth of our love for one another.

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At the Heart of Ministry

At the heart of ministry is the heart, a heart close to God.

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Christ Wants You

It is possible to be so active in the service of Christ as to forget to love him. Many a man preaches Christ but gets in front of him by the multiplicity ...

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Knowing God--Loving God

Let us give our thoughts completely to knowing God. The more one knows him, the more one wants to know him, and since love is measured commonly by knowledge, ...

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