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Sermon Illustrations about Lost

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Lost to help bring your sermon to life.

Missing Woman Joins Search Party for … Herself

The Toronto Sun reported: "A group of tourists spent hours Saturday night looking for a missing woman near Iceland's Eldgja canyon, only to find ...

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'The Ring Finders'

A marital spat, a ring impulsively flung from a finger, a hands-and-knees search for that diamond wedding band out in the tall grass. Such moments of ...

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Search and Rescue Team: Children Know They Are Lost

In her book, A Field Guide to Getting Lost, Rebecca Solnit tells the story of her friend Sallie who is part of a search-and-rescue team in the Rocky Mountains. ...

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Man Lost as Boy Finds His Way Home After 26 Years, Using Google Maps

When he was five years old, Saroo Brierley fell asleep on a train bound for Calcutta, India from his hometown. Separated from his family and unable to ...

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$40,000 Found in Couch … And Returned

The Little Rebellion broke a story about three college students who bought a $20 couch from a second-hand shop. To their amazement they found envelopes ...

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Plane Passengers Rescue a Shipwrecked Man

It took a team effort to rescue one shipwrecked Aussie.

Mr. Glenn Ey, a 44-year-old Australian man, was lost at sea. What had been a relaxing two weeks ...

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Captain Refused to Acknowledge He Was Lost

On September 3, 1989, Varig Airlines Flight 254 was at Brazil's Maraba Airport preparing for takeoff. Under normal circumstances the hop to nearby Belém ...

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Hollywood Producer Longs to Connect with God

In December 1990, Life magazine did an issue titled "Who Is God?" In it a Hollywood producer named Lynda Sparrow told of the devastation an abortion caused ...

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Discovery in a Time of Dryness

In 1986 two brothers who live in a kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee made an incredible discovery. As these two Israeli fishermen monitored their equipment ...

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