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Sermon Illustrations about Lordship of Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Lordship of Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

The Moment of Crisis

There comes a crisis, a moment when every human soul which enters the kingdom of God has to make its choice of that kingdom in preference to everything ...

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A Higher Order

Tired of struggling with my strong-willed 3-year-old son, Thomas, I looked him in the eye and asked a question I felt sure would bring him in line: "Thomas, ...

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Walk the Talk

To many Christians, Christ is little more than an idea, or at best an ideal--He is not a fact. Millions of professed believers talk as if He were real ...

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Lifetime Surrender

One does not surrender a life in an instant. That which is lifelong can only be surrendered in a lifetime.

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I Am Not My Brother's Judge

The secret of our relationships with one another in the Christian Church, especially when we have our differences, is "Jesus Christ is Lord." ...

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The Flippant Believer

I am disturbed when I hear believers say "Lord" thoughtlessly. Many Christians are guilty of making Christ only a figurehead while continuing ...

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