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Sermon Illustrations about Liberalism

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Liberalism to help bring your sermon to life.

A Different Path to Freedom

If we or the world could be saved through human kindness or clear thinking, Jesus either would have formed a sensitivity group and urged us to share our ...

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Freedom Gone Wrong

Self-fulfillment soon grows into a quest for self-indulgence with a vocabulary of I, Me, Mine and self-indulgence, in turn, soon becomes unbridled. The ...

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Faithfulness, not Freedom

One of the deepest sentimentalities of liberalism is the presumption that you can have children without having them suffer for their convictions. People ...

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The Faithful Gets Doctrinal

We live out interesting paradoxes. We announce blatantly to the world that we have answers to the human sickness. Then we press for lifestyle conformity ...

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Converted Liberalism

I have come to the reluctant conclusion that what we liberals believe, and the way we believe it, is incompatible with the Gospel. Contra most liberal ...

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