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Sermon Illustrations about Lent

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Lent to help bring your sermon to life.

A Satirical "Prayer of Confession" for People Who Are "Okay"

The following prayer offers a satirical look at our shallow view of sin. This superficial prayer is based on a modern "overhaul" of a traditional public ...

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Author Asks If 'We' Are Present during the Lord's Supper

In the [distracted] digital age, it may be the case that the classical debates about the presence of Jesus Christ in the [Lord's Supper] have been inverted. ...

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Two Wrong Ways to Address Struggles and Sins

On the same day, Rebecca Pippert attended two very different events: a graduate-level psychology class at Harvard University and a Christian Bible study ...

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Doctors Wash Their Hands after Seeing Their Own Germs

Dan and Chip Heath, the team of brothers who wrote the best-selling book Made to Stick, tell the following story about a doctor who was trying to get ...

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Runaway Teenager Repents and Comes Home

In her book, Unbroken, author Laura Hillenbrand tells the story of Olympic runner and World War II POW survivor Louie Zamperini. As a young teenager living ...

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Overconfident Naval Officer Loses His Way in the Fog

During a 1923 training exercise, a naval destroyer called the USS Delphy led a flotilla of seven vessels down the California coast. The USS Delphy was ...

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Lent: Cleaning Out the Hidden Corners of Our Hearts

In the daily round of life, dust and cobwebs accumulate in our souls. The hidden corners of our hearts become encrusted with grime or filled with forgotten ...

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Lenten Laughs: A Hypocritical Robber

A priest was coming back to his rectory one evening in the dark when he was accosted by a robber who pulled a gun on him and demanded, "Your money ...

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Lent: A Time to Stop Doing and Try Being

Maybe Lent is a good time to stop doing and try being. … Relinquishment lies at the heart of the Christian gospel and is a countercultural choice ...

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Lenten Stillness

At my house, the TV is off. It will be until Easter. The first time this happened, it was unintentional.

Some years ago, a few weeks before Easter, a burglar ...

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