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Sermon Illustrations about Labor

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Labor to help bring your sermon to life.

The Penalty of Work

The average layman has the idea that his vocation is his penalty.

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Choosing Your Vocation

Choose that employment or calling in which you may be most serviceable to God. Choose not that in which you may be most rich or honorable in the world; ...

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Needful Things

There are too many needful things to be done to wait around for someone to feel gifted.

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God's Glory in Wood and Stone

Intriguing facts behind one of medieval Christendom's magnificent legacies:

The Cathedral

Cathedrals required massive amounts of building materials. ...

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Danger of Doing Too Much

There is a danger of doing too much as well as of doing too little. Life is not for work, but work for life, and when it is carried to the extent of undermining ...

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No Worlds to Conquer?

The twin aims that have animated mankind since the dawn of history are the conquest of nature and the conquest of drudgery. Now they seem in a fair way ...

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The Dawn of Routine

There is an old story about a mother who walks in on her six-year-old son and finds him sobbing.

"What's the matter?" she asks.

"I've ...

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Easy Work Is an Insult

It's wrong to offer people easy work. Few things in life are more insulting than to be offered an easy job.

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Keep Pushing On

Never let success hide its emptiness from you, achievement its nothingness, toil its desolation. And so ... keep alive the incentive to push on further, ...

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