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Sermon Illustrations about Knowledge

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Knowledge to help bring your sermon to life.

It Ain't What They Don't Know

It ain't so much what folks don't know,

It's that they know so much that just ain't so.

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The Bible Bothers

Most people are bothered by those Scripture passages which they cannot understand. But for me, the passages in Scripture which trouble me most are those ...

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The Reality of Truth

[When] I was younger, I tended to believe that certain principles were true because they were in the Bible. But year by year, as I have read much of the ...

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The Source of Evil in the Church

The lack of scriptural knowledge is the source of all evils in the church.

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Doubt Is Natural

We are born questioners. Look at the wonderment of a little child in its eyes before it can speak. The child's great word when it begins to speak ...

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Insight's Great Worth

A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience.

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Shortcomings in Lay Education

Our age is one of specialization, and yet, for the most part, lay education programs have taken a generalist direction. Programs designed with study guides ...

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Heedless Knowledge

Man always knows his life will shortly cease,

Yet madly lives as if he knew it not.

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Sin: The Great Depression

The modern view seems much nicer to talk about than sin. Sin is so depressing. It makes people feel bad about themselves--or so psychologists tell us.

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Real Learning

Education is a bringing out of what is there and giving it the power of expression, not packing in what does not belong; and spiritual education means ...

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