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Sermon Illustrations about Knowing God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Knowing God to help bring your sermon to life.

What Goes Around Comes Around

The scientific facts, which were supposed to contradict the Faith in the nineteenth century, are nearly all of them regarded as unscientific fictions ...

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God Is Beyond Our Knowledge

Our soundest knowledge is to know that we know God not as indeed he is, neither can we know him; and our safest eloquence concerning him is our silence, ...

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God Keeps Getting Bigger

Since the time our children were very young, we have always read to them The Chronicles of Narnia, these wonderful children's stories about the magical ...

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Why Thomas Aquinas Stopped Writing

Thomas Aquinas, a medieval theologian, created one of the greatest intellectual achievements of Western civilization in his Summa Theologica. It's ...

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Remembering What God Feels Like

In Executive Edge newsletter, management-consultant Ken Blanchard retells the story of a little girl named Schia (which first appeared in a book titled ...

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"Real" Truth

There is today an evangelical rationalism which says that the truth is in the Word and if you want to know truth, go learn the Word. If you get the Word, ...

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The Sheer Excitement of Knowing God

To stand by the shadows of a friendly tree with the wind tugging at your coattail and the heavens hailing your heart, to gaze and glory and to give oneself ...

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Only Faith Will Do

To know and to serve God, of course, is why we're here, a clear truth that, like the nose on your face, is near at hand and easily discernible but ...

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Ignorance of Scripture

Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.

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Life Isn't a Puzzle

Our lives are not puzzles to be figured out. Rather, we come to God, who knows us and reveals to us the truth of our lives. The fundamental mistake is ...

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