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Sermon Illustrations about Knowing God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Knowing God to help bring your sermon to life.

Is God Good?

Douglas Burford, a pastor in Mission, Kansas, writes:

His name was David. He was homeless and in his 40s, though his face suggested even more years of ...

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Jesus the Lion-Hearted

As I studied the life of Christ, one impression about Jesus struck me more forcefully than any other. We have tamed him. The Jesus I learned about as ...

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Show and Tell

Evangelism is not what we tell people, unless what we tell is totally consistent with who we are. It is who we are that is going to make the difference. ...

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Present though Absent

My husband, Edward, is devoted to hawks and especially to the golden eagles that are returning to our part of Georgia. Driving down the highway with him ...

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God in Our Image

In the classic Your God is Too Small, J.B. Phillips says we tend to give God many names which aren't actually his names: managing director, puppeteer, ...

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Drawn to God

There is within us all a magnetic draw to seek God's presence in a more exclusive way, focusing on divine attention rather than our own egocentric list ...

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Lovers Understand

Illustrator/painter Gustave Dore, one of the patron saints of the DreamWorks team of Spielberg/Katzenberg/Geffen, was handed a painting of Jesus just ...

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How to Love Truly

My son-in-law, Alan Jones, told me a story of a Hassidic rabbi, renowned for his piety. He was unexpectedly confronted one day by one of his devoted youthful ...

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Of Giants and Infants

We have too many men of science, too few men of God. We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount. ... Ours is a world ...

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Education Is Not Worship

Merely learning a truth about God is education, not worship.

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