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Sermon Illustrations about King

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on King to help bring your sermon to life.

Afghans Give Ex-King a Royal Homecoming

In March 2002, the former ruler of Afghanistan, the 87-year-old Mohammed Zahir Shah, returned to his homeland after 30 years of exile. Here's how ...

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'Family Feud' Survey Asks Who Is 'The King'?

On the game show Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey, contestants are asked to guess how 100 people responded to various survey questions. On a 2012 episode, ...

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"A Knight's Tale": Redeemed by the King's Son

In the movie A Knight's Tale, William Thatcher (played by Heath Ledger) is a young squire who has always dreamed of being a champion knight and winning ...

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Nero (Emperor of Rome 54-68 A.D.)

Nero, a man with light blue eyes, thick neck, protruding stomach, and spindly legs, was a crazed and cruel emperor, a pleasure-driven man who ruled the ...

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Domitian (Emperor of Rome 81-96 A.D.)

The historian Pliny called Domitian the beast from hell who sat in its den, licking blood. In the Book of Revelation, John of the Apocalypse may have ...

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