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Sermon Illustrations about Justification by faith

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Justification by faith to help bring your sermon to life.

TV Show 'Downton Abbey' on Prayer

Downton Abbey is an award-winning TV drama that chronicles the experiences of the Crawleys, an aristocratic family with legions of servants living in ...

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Jockey Wins by Imputing Goodness to His Horse

Editor's Note: The doctrine of imputation involves the idea that God reconciles sinners to himself by declaring them to be righteous on account of ...

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English Law Provided a Way for Sinners to Find Refuge

During the Middle Ages English law provided a way for "sinners" to find refuge. When a criminal or debtor wanted to flee to safety, he would ...

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State Treasurer Wants to Give Cash Back

The Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford has initiated a program called "Cash Dash." Here's how an ad in The Chicago Tribune described ...

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God's Love, Like Marital Love, Is Unconditional

Picture this: a bride and groom dashing out of the church, through the showers of birdseed and into the limo, all aglow with the light of love from the ...

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Christ's Death Provides 'Burned-Over Zone'

This story paints a vivid picture that reveals our helplessness before the devastation and comprehensiveness of God's Law. But it also shows how that ...

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The Growth of the Self-Help Industry

An article in New York magazine reports that the self-help movement has mushroomed into an "$11 billion industry dedicated to telling us how to ...

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Tim Keller on the Dangers of "Self-Esteem Résumés"

Editor's Note: This illustration could easily be adapted based on details from your own life.

When I was at school, my mother kept saying things like, ...

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Baseball Pitcher Achieves Perfection … at a Cost

On April 12, 2012, the White Sox's pitcher Philip Humber pitched a perfect game. That is, he retired 27 batters in a row. No walks, no hits. It's a feat ...

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Max Lucado Gets Dropped by His Insurance Company

Max Lucado tells the story of being dropped by his insurance company because he had one too many speeding tickets and a minor fender bender that wasn't ...

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