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Sermon Illustrations about Judging others

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Judging others to help bring your sermon to life.

Legalism: When Application Trumps Intent

In an interview with Preaching Magazine, preacher, professor, and author Haddon Robinson warns against the danger of legalism:

When an abstract concept ...

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Crossing the Generation Gap

Bill is wild haired; his wardrobe for college is jeans and a T-shirt with holes in it. He recently became a believer while attending a campus Bible study. ...

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State Trooper Uses Biblical Principles to Keep His Cool

Jay Kesler, president of Taylor University, told about a state trooper who was awarded an "Outstanding Trooper" award.

Kesler, who attended the same church ...

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Slander Destroys Churches

About 20 years ago, I said something impromptu to the new members standing in a row across the front of the church. As we received them, the Holy Spirit ...

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"Chocolat": Free to Be Ourselves?

The movie Chocolat tells how a mysterious woman moves into a little, uptight French town and opens a chocolate shop. Her chocolate is used to bring a ...

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Hold Your Judgment

A grocery store check-out clerk once wrote to advice-columnist Ann Landers to complain that she had seen people buy "luxury" food items—like birthday ...

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Wooden Won't Trash Knight

John Wooden, former basketball coach at UCLA, was the antithesis of many of today's coaches. He seldom left his seat on the Bruins bench during a UCLA ...

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Augustine: Pursuing Justice

As the Roman Empire became Christianized, church leaders were assigned increasing civic responsibilities. By Augustine's time, Roman law empowered a city's ...

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No One Righteous

In The Divine Intruder, James R. Edwards writes:

Like many people, I was shocked by the catastrophe on Mount Everest in May 1996 in which a dozen mountaineers ...

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Learning to Live with Others

It is not easy living in a church community—it's full of sinful people who do all sorts of things that disturb us. But an old story from the lives of ...

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