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Sermon Illustrations about Jealousy

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Jealousy to help bring your sermon to life.

God Uses Saxophone to Change Woman's Perspective

Robin Lee Shope, a self-confessed "garage sale junkie," shares how she was consumed by disappointment over a lost bargain—until God changed her ...

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Jealous Guard Dog Destroys Valuable Teddy Bears

It was teddy bear carnage at the Wookey Hall Caves, a teddy bear museum in western England. In the summer of 2006, a Doberman pinscher guard dog named ...

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CEO Focused on Materialistic Competition

Peggy Noonan describes an encounter with an American CEO in her book John Paul the Great:

I am talking with the head of a mighty American corporation. ...

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"Envy": Man Confesses His Jealousy

In the zany comedy Envy, Tim Dingman (Ben Stiller) and Nick Vanderpark (Jack Black) are next door neighbors, best friends, and coworkers at the local ...

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Marathon Runner Chooses to Endure

I once ran in the New York City Marathon. The first half of that race is a party. You're swept along by 28,000 runners, crowds lining the streets, and ...

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Author Defines Whom We Envy

In his book, Status Anxiety, Alain de Botton writes: "Given the vast inequalities we are daily confronted with, the most notable feature of envy may ...

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"Drumline": Loving Team Above Self

The movie Drumline explores the maturation of a talented percussionist from Harlem who receives a full-ride scholarship to Atlanta A&T University to play ...

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"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs": Destroyed by Envy

At the beginning of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a scroll reveals that the wicked queen daily consults her magic mirror asking, "Magic mirror on the ...

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"Beaches": Friendship Restored Through Forgiveness

Beaches is the story of two women whose lifelong friendship bridges their opposite backgrounds and lifestyles. CC Bloom (Bette Midler) is raised by a ...

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"Amadeus": Danger of Selfish Ambition

The winner of eight Academy Awards, Amadeus is a fascinating study of how jealousy destroys those who cannot accept that sometimes God gives remarkable ...

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