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Sermon Illustrations about Israel

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Israel to help bring your sermon to life.

How Tim Keller Discovered Christ in the Old Testament

As a young Christian, pastor and author Tim Keller said, "I found the Old Testament to be a confusing and off-putting part of the Bible." But while he ...

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Philip Yancey on the Courageous Work of God

In 1993, [Philip Yancey] read a news report about a "Messiah sighting" in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York. In an article for Christianity ...

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Einstein's Unbelief

Albert Einstein wrote things that suggested he had some sort of belief in God, but he also wrote of his own unbelief. James Randerson says:

Einstein penned ...

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Woman Throws Engagement Ring

One fine day in 1941, Violet Bailey and her fiancé Samuel Booth were strolling through the English countryside, deeply in love and engaged to be ...

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The Historical Rejection of Christianity

Eighteen hundred years or so of Hebrew history, capped by a full exposition in Jesus Christ, tell us that God's revelation of himself is rejected far ...

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Jews for Jesus Evangelizes New York City

In the summer of 2006, Jews for Jesus concluded a 66-month evangelistic campaign with a month-long New York finale. Two hundred missionaries worked the ...

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Abandoned Baby Brings Unity in Middle East

A Palestinian baby found abandoned at birth in a roadside heap of trash was rescued by Palestinian doctors, nurtured by a group of nuns, and had her heart ...

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God Weeps for the Lost

A Hasidic story tells of a great celebration in heaven after the Israelites are delivered from the Egyptians at the Red Sea, and the Egyptian armies are ...

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Rabbi's Opinion of Jesus

In Newsweek, Rabbi Jacob Neusner writes about how he would respond to Jesus had he met him personally 2,000 years ago:

I can see myself not only meeting ...

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City of Peace?

The feeling of being beset by blind forces is especially strong in the mixed city of Jerusalem. ... Hardly a day passes in the "holy city" without ...

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