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Sermon Illustrations about Intercession

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Intercession to help bring your sermon to life.

Counting His Sheep

I recently wrote to a close friend explaining that I had problems sleeping at night. When her next letter arrived, I learned that she has this problem ...

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Luther: "How I Pray"

Dear Master Peter [Beskendorf, Luther's barber and lifelong friend]: I will tell you as best I can what l do personally when I pray. May our dear ...

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What Is Prayer?

Today the bedrock principle upon which any layperson's approach to prayer should be based is this: pray when you can, where you can, and how you can. ...

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Find Out about Prayer

Doctoral student at Princeton, 1952: "What is there left in the world for original dissertation research?"

Visiting lecturer Albert Einstein: ...

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Prayers of the Spirit

Prayer is made by the spirit, and prayer is made by the mind joined with the spirit.

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