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Sermon Illustrations about Intelligence

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Intelligence to help bring your sermon to life.

God Speaks Through Unlikely Person

Henri Nouwen was a priest and a brilliant teacher at places like Harvard and Yale. Feeling led by God, he spent the last decade of his life living in ...

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Einstein's Unbelief

Albert Einstein wrote things that suggested he had some sort of belief in God, but he also wrote of his own unbelief. James Randerson says:

Einstein penned ...

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Teenager Escapes Jail in Friend's Suitcase

There is a huge difference between being smart and being wise.

Exhibit A is the story of Steffi Krause, age 17. She and her 19-year-old friend were in ...

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Woman Unaware of Pregnancy

While an old proverb claims that ignorance is bliss, Amanda Brisendine would be the first to tell you that ignorance can have unexpected consequences.

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Brilliant Man Lacks Wisdom

In July of 2006, the world-famous geneticist William French Anderson was convicted of child molestation charges. In a press conference, his attorney said, ...

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"Jeopardy's" Ken Jennings Preps to Manage Money

In his record breaking run on "Jeopardy," Ken Jennings won more than $2.5 million. He has shown he can handle facts, but can he handle money?

Randy Kennedy ...

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Entering the Kingdom of Google

The success of Google Inc. is such that it is now part of the American cultural vocabulary and consciousness. The Google search engine has tamed the vast ...

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Adoniram Judson Conversion Story

Before Adoniram Judson became the pioneer of American foreign missions he was a rebel. He finished at the top of his college class and headed to New York ...

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"I Am Sam": Wealth Doesn't Guarantee a Quality Life

The movie I Am Sam is about Sam Dawson (played by Sean Penn), who has the IQ of a 7-year-old and yet is a caring single father to his 6-year-old daughter, ...

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Mensa Members Miss Easy Solution

Mensa is an organization whose members have an IQ of 140 or higher. A few years ago, there was a Mensa convention in San Francisco, and several members ...

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