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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Instruction to help bring your sermon to life.

TV Industry Facing Crisis of Mentorship

According to many industry analysts and insiders, the rising dominance of streaming platforms over the traditional broadcast networks is causing an unintended ...

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To Solve Social Distancing Use Geometry

Of all the challenges facing educators, restauranteurs, and business owners in trying to reopen during a global pandemic, one of them requires knowledge ...

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Columnist on the Complexity of Modern Life

Wall Street Journal columnist Joe Queenan recently (2016) made some funny comments on the complexity and information overload of modern life:

I bought ...

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'Human Nature' Blamed for Lack of Clean Water

In many parts of the developing world, aid workers have often struggled to get people clean, disease-free drinking water. Surprisingly, it hasn't always ...

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Father Learns Valuable Lesson at Son's Baseball Game

During one memorable at-bat the spring of my son's first baseball season, he repeatedly hit the tee instead of the ball. And it was obvious what the problem ...

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God Gives Before We Ask

The bank sent me an overdraft notice on the checking account of one of my daughters. I encourage my college-age girls to monitor their accounts. Even ...

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The Important Relationship Between Music and Memory

Most of us would agree that singing worship songs in our gatherings is important. But do we realize just how important those songs are to our growth as ...

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Disastrous Hunting Trip

A couple of hunters are out in the woods of New Jersey when one of them falls to the ground. He doesn't seem to be breathing; his eyes are rolled back ...

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"Rocky Balboa": Father Teaches Son About Life's Hard Hits

Rocky Balboa is the final film in the "Rocky" series. An aging Rocky is inspired to fight his last match against the undefeated heavyweight champion. ...

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Teens Discover Pornography Online

According to a study released by the Safe America Foundation, 53 percent of teenagers said they had at one time or another come across websites containing ...

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