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Sermon Illustrations about Iniquity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Iniquity to help bring your sermon to life.

Animal Rescuer Overwhelmed by Rats

At her rental house, which she named "The Critter Café," Christine Bishop was a well-intentioned rescuer of stray cats, dogs, and lost ducks. Then ...

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Scientific Research Marred by Sinful Drives

A 2009 report from Edinburgh University found that a third of scientific medical researchers admitted anonymously to scientific fraud, with nearly three-fourths ...

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Breaking Bad Shows the Judgment of Sin

The hit TV show Breaking Bad follows the story of Walter White, a mild-mannered chemistry teacher who, after receiving a terminal diagnosis, turns to ...

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Scientist Finds Good and Evil Uses for His Invention

Fritz Haber is probably the most important person in your life that you've never heard of. He was a secularized Jew in Germany who started to make his ...

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Psychiatrist "Discovers" the Reality of Evil

Psychiatrist Scott Peck wrote of meeting with a depressed 15-year-old named Bobby, who was increasingly troubled after his 16-year-old brother killed ...

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Most People Have Thought about Killing Someone

Following the murder of 16 Afghanistan civilians by an American soldier in March 2012, David Brooks writes that terrible crimes such as this should not ...

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Research Shows We Can't Walk in a Straight Line

For some reason, human beings can't walk in a straight line. There's just something about our inner orientation that causes us to walk in a crooked ...

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The Problem of Justice

"Injustice is relatively easy to bear; what stings is justice." —H. L. Mencken

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Metaphors for Sin
  • If life is a machine, then sin is a bad gear that makes the machine malfunction.
  • If life is a kingdom, then sin is a terrorist movement in the kingdom.

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