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Sermon Illustrations about Ingratitude

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Ingratitude to help bring your sermon to life.

Hollywood Actors Thank Everyone Except God

According to film critic Nathaniel Rogers, in a 12 year period (2002-2014), 47 actors gave acceptance speeches at the Oscar award ceremonies. These Oscar-winning ...

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Grandson Refuses to Express His Thanks

We took our grandson (age 3 at the time) to Chuck E. Cheese's for pizza and noisy rides. When the evening ended, his grandmother buckled him into his ...

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Praise God with Your 23,000 Breaths per Day

You take approximately 23,000 breaths every day, but when was the last time you thanked God for one of them? The process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling ...

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Comedian Louis C.K. on the 'Forever Empty'

The usually crass comedian Louis C.K. offered some insightful comments about our soul-numbing addiction to technology. On Late Night with Conan O'Brien ...

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Entitlement Mindset Produces Ingratitude

The bigger our sense of entitlement, the smaller our sense of gratitude …. [Our entitlement mindset] has led to a proliferation of lawsuits: when ...

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Ten Years of Research Shows the Benefits of Gratitude

A growing body of research has tied an attitude of gratitude with a number of positive emotional and physical health benefits. An article in The Wall ...

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Comedian Louis C.K. on Our Ingratitude and Impatience

Editor's Note: The video for this illustration contains some objectionable words. This edited transcript has deleted or revised any offensive content. ...

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Three Images for Gratitude: Soil, Lubricant, and Glue

In her book The Gift of Thanks, Margaret Visser uses three concrete images to convey the power of gratitude—gratitude as soil, lubricant, and glue. ...

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Rejoicing in a Haitian Tent Camp Teaches Us About Faith

Richard Stearns, the president of World Vision, reflected on his visit to a church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti nearly a year after the devastating earthquake. ...

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Starbucks Baristas Told to Slow Down

Starbucks, stung by recent customer complaints, has instructed its baristas to start slowing down as they make drinks. Surveys have revealed that many ...

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