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Sermon Illustrations about Infatuation

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Infatuation to help bring your sermon to life.

Researchers Track the Temporary Nature of Infatuation

The New York Times reported on a major study that tracked 1,761 people who got married and stayed married over the course of 15 years. The article reported ...

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"The Village": The Sting of Rejection

The Village is a suspenseful tale set in rural Pennsylvania.

In this scene, a young woman named Kitty speaks to her father, Edward (William Hurt), while ...

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"Big Fish": Pursuing Love

Big Fish is a fanciful story about a man from a rural town in Alabama who loves to tell stories as a way of entertaining his young son at bedtime. The ...

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"Bambi": Love Can Happen to You

The Disney classic Bambi offers a colorful description of the state of being that has been described as "smitten," "love-struck," or "infatuated." In ...

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