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Sermon Illustrations about Individuality

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Individuality to help bring your sermon to life.

When the Supremes Socialize

In an article having to do with the socializing of Supreme Court justices Justice Scalia shared some of his wisdom: Ruth Bader Ginsburg fondly recalled ...

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Google's Monotune Ad Campaign

An ad campaign for Google's Android has a young musician playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement. As his hands fly over the keys, a statement ...

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Pot, Selfies, and Facebook—Welcome to the New Individualism

After analyzing a new Pew survey, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat claims that we're in a new and deeper "age of individualism." In ...

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How Tuning Forks Produce Tone

Consider a tuning fork. It delivers a true pitch by two tines vibrating together. Muffle either side, even a little, and the note disappears. Neither ...

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"Chocolat": Free to Be Ourselves?

The movie Chocolat tells how a mysterious woman moves into a little, uptight French town and opens a chocolate shop. Her chocolate is used to bring a ...

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Emphasis on the Individual

The more seriously one takes religion, the more one should recognize that its claims are directly on the individual conscience, and only indirectly on ...

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The "Me" Generation

It is the continual assertion of individuality that hinders our spiritual development more than anything else; individuality must go in order that personality ...

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