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Sermon Illustrations about Independence

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Independence to help bring your sermon to life.

Independence Through Frugality

I have a friend who has done a very interesting thing. He has lived frugally and saved sacrificially in order to have a cash account larger than his yearly ...

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The Principle of Hell

The one principle of hell is "I am my own!"

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Playing God

There are two sins of man that are bred in the bone, and that continually come out in the flesh. One is self-dependence and the other is self-exaltation. ...

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I Love Jesus, But...

I love Jesus, but want to hold on to my own friends even when they do not lead me closer to Jesus. I love Jesus, but want to hold on to my own independence ...

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What Kind of Freedom?

A limitation of freedom is given by the fact of fellowship because the individual is created for community. No one lives alone from the fact that he has ...

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