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Sermon Illustrations about Immigration

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Immigration to help bring your sermon to life.

America's Border Crisis and the Road to Jericho

In his blog post Russell Moore tackles the crisis taking place on America's southern border. Moore writes, "America's southern border is ...

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Many Non-Christians Don't Know a Christian

According to new research from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity one out of five non-Christians in North America does not "personally know" ...

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God's Work through Immigrants in Our Neighborhood

In his book Strangers Next Door, J.D. Payne argues that through immigration God has been moving the nations of the world right into our neighborhoods. ...

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Look Who's Coming to Church?

The Christian Science Monitor ran a fascinating report on the changing landscape of church attendance in one of the most spiritually cold places in the ...

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Few Say Religion Shapes Views on Immigration

A 2010 poll by the Pew Research Center found that few Americans include religion as an important factor for how they think about issues of immigration. ...

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