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Sermon Illustrations about Imitation of Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Imitation of Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

"Braveheart": Courage-Based Leadership

The movie Braveheart tells the story of how a common man named William Wallace (Mel Gibson) led Scotland to freedom from English rule. Out of a great ...

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Touching Jesus

Some years ago, David Robinson, who plays basketball in San Antonio, visited our church. He's not a member of our church, but he shows up occasionally. ...

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Modeling How a Christian Man Dies

When New Testament scholar William Lane taught at Western Kentucky University, contemporary musician Michael Card was a student of his, and they developed ...

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Medical Pioneer Gives Credit to God

Katherine Hsu pioneered tuberculosis-prevention strategies now replicated around the world.

Born in 1914 in Fuzhou, South China, Hsu counts herself fortunate ...

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Japanese Ambassador Saves Jews from Gestapo

As a boy, Chiune Sugihara dreamed of becoming Japan's ambassador to Russia. By the 1930s, as ambassador to Lithuania, he was a step away from fulfilling ...

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Mel Gibson on Christ Crucified

On The O'Reilly Factor, Mel Gibson spoke about his upcoming movie about Christ's life:

I think it's meant to just tell the truth. I want to be as truthful ...

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God Picks Up Our Tab

I have a friend named Gene who would take me to lunch every week. And every time we'd go to lunch, he'd insist on paying for it. I thought it was nice ...

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Serving by Cleaning Shoes

The late Dawson Trotman, founder of The Navigators, was visiting Taiwan on one of his overseas trips. During the visit he hiked with a Taiwanese pastor ...

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Becoming a Slave to Save

During the nineteenth century a group of missionaries in what is now Surinam in South America, wanted to reach the inhabitants of a nearby island with ...

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College Basketball Star Shows Christ's Love

One reason for the current success of the University of Miami basketball team is forward James Jones. The 6-foot-8-inch, 211-pounder is as successful ...

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