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Sermon Illustrations about Idolatry

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Idolatry to help bring your sermon to life.

"Over the Hedge": Human Beings Live for Food

Over the Hedge is the story of a street-smart raccoon named RJ who gets into a heap of trouble after attempting to steal a large bear's cache of food. ...

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Family Uses Cardboard Cut-Out to Replace Son

Dave Davila, age 24, took a job in Chicago and had to leave his close-knit family in East Moline, Illinois. But family gatherings just weren't the same ...

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Man Burns His Possessions to Find Happiness

British style writer Neil Boorman has decided to burn every branded thing in his possession. "I am addicted to brands," he confessed in a magazine article: ...

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Woman Marries Snake for Luck

In May of 2006, Bimbala Das married a snake—a cobra, to be precise. Because Hindus venerate cobras, the residents of Atala, India, believed that ...

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Driver Retains Loyalty to Former State

On the way to work this morning, I pulled up to a stop light and noticed an interesting SUV in front of me. The owner of the SUV is clearly a person of ...

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Oprah Seen as Spiritual Leader

In the fall of 2005, Oprah Winfrey entered her 20th season as the celebrated host of The Oprah Winfrey Show. In those two decades, she has amassed over ...

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Religion Doesn't Equal Faith

"One can love religion like anything else in life: sports, science, stamp collecting. One can love it for its own sake without relation to God or the ...

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"Fever Pitch": Passionate Commitment

Fever Pitch, is the romantic comedy about one man's obsession with his favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, and how that obsession comes between ...

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Sports May Fill Spiritual Vacuum

In an essay titled "The Future of Sport" presented at the 2004 conference of the World Future Society, author and futurist Robin Gunston examines how ...

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Fan Won’t Give Up Sports for $25 Million

"If somebody offered you $2 million, could you give up sports for two years?" This was the question a sports radio station recently asked its listeners. ...

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