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Sermon Illustrations about Idealism

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Idealism to help bring your sermon to life.

Ship Misguided by Faulty Maps

In the Kingdom of Ice is journalist Hampton Sides' compelling account of the failed nineteenth-century polar expedition of the USS Jeannette, captained ...

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Choosing the Easy Route When Battling Temptation

Jack Handey, known for his odd sense of humor frequently expressed in an old Saturday Night Live segment titled "Deep Thoughts," wrote an equally odd ...

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The True Power of Temptation

The power of temptation is not in its appeal to our baser instincts; if that were the case, it would be natural to be repulsed by it. The power of temptation ...

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The Difference Between a Realist and a Skeptic

A realist is an idealist who has gone through the fire and been purified. A skeptic is an idealist who has gone through the fire and been burned.

—Warren ...

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Can Humanity Heal Itself?

In 2006, Yoko Ono placed a full-page ad in the New York Times calling for December 8—the anniversary of John Lennon's death—to be made a global ...

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New Religion Based on No Authority

A new religion invented by a Massachusetts psychologist has been gaining popularity over recent years. Called "Yoism," this system of beliefs is based ...

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Teachers Re-label Failure

For some time, educators have faced accusations of "dumbing down" exams in order to compensate for increasingly poor student performances.

The Professional ...

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"Geronimo: An American Legend": Integrity Demands Sacrifice

Geronimo: An American Legend is based on the story of the last Indian leader to surrender to the U.S. Army. With only about 35 of his fellow Apache followers, ...

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Pessimists and Idealists

Every age suffers its pessimists; every age needs its idealists.

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Reaching for the Moon

High expectations are easily stated, may be rationalized as evidence of superior spirituality, and drive most leaders nuts. It takes genuine skill and ...

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