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Sermon Illustrations about Humor

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Humor to help bring your sermon to life.

Marriage Hazards

Newly married to a sailor, my first experience at washing clothes was a total disaster. At muster the following morning, my husband was the only sailor ...

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The Dangers of Hurrying

Some time ago, a newspaper in Tacoma, Washington, carried the story of Tattoo, the basset hound. Tattoo didn't intend to go for an evening run, but ...

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Kindergarten Blues

When Mike returned home from his first day in kindergarten, his mother asked if he'd had a good day. "I can't read and I can't write ...

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Happiness in Black and White

At a wedding we were attending, my granddaughter Melissa asked, "Why is a bride always dressed in white?"

"Because white represents happiness ...

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Some Things Stay the Same

P.S. Your father says inflation hasn't ruined everything. A dime can still be used as a screwdriver.

I love you,


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Boss of the House

One evening my husband, Mark, and our preschooler, Krystal, were on the couch chatting. "Daddy, you're the boss of the house, right?" I ...

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Murphy's Church Laws

Murphy in the Pew

Next to the Law of Gravity, one of the most inescapable universal truths is undoubtedly Murphy's Law: "If anything can go wrong, ...

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A Pastor is Critiqued

Quoted from Pastoral Life magazine: One Sunday morning a pastor got up in the pulpit and apologized for the Band-aid on his face. He said "I was ...

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Pampered Puppy

Ronald Warwick, captain of the luxury cruise ship Queen Elizabeth II, questioned a passenger who paid full fare for his dog to join them on an around-the-world ...

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The Folly of Human Assumptions

A traveler, between flights at an airport, went to a lounge and bought a small package of cookies. Then she sat down and began reading a newspaper. Gradually, ...

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