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Sermon Illustrations about Humanity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Humanity to help bring your sermon to life.

Teenager Diagnoses Her Own Disease

For eight years, Jessica Terry, a teenager in Seattle, suffered from crippling stomach pain. When she wasn't doubled over from the cramping, she was often ...

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Director James Toback and Boxer Mike Tyson on Human Goodness

I recently read an article about 2009's Tyson, a documentary about the life of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Tyson is remembered for being one ...

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Stephen Colbert's DNA Rocketed into Space

Think the end of the world. For some that is a bunch of science fiction nonsense, but for others the idea that humanity could someday be wiped out by ...

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Journalist Tony Snow on the Art of Being Sick

The art of being sick is not the same as the art of getting well. Some cancer patients recover; some don't. But the ordeal of facing your mortality and ...

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The Body's Need for Pain

I learned a high appreciation for pain's warning function while collaborating on three books with Dr. Paul Brand, the missionary surgeon who discovered ...

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World in Population Crisis

At or around 7:46 A.M. on Tuesday, October 17, 2006, the 300 millionth American citizen was born. It was an exciting morning for our nation, and for the ...

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Family Uses Cardboard Cut-Out to Replace Son

Dave Davila, age 24, took a job in Chicago and had to leave his close-knit family in East Moline, Illinois. But family gatherings just weren't the same ...

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Chesterton on the Fall

To the question, "What is meant by the fall?" I could answer with complete sincerity that, "Whatever I am, I am not myself."

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Chesterton on Human Potential

Whatever else is said of man, this much is clear: He is not what he is capable of being.

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Chesterton on Original Sin

Certain new theologians dispute original sin, which is the only part of Christian doctrine which can really be proved.

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