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Sermon Illustrations about Hostility

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Hostility to help bring your sermon to life.

Viewing a Friend—and Even God—As an Enemy

In an article for ChristianityToday.com entitled "Our Divine Distortion," Christian songwriter Carolyn Arends shared a personal story that shows how easy ...

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Annoying Co-workers

Several workplace-related studies in 2008 suggest that the majority of working Americans aren't all that fond of who they work with.

  • When asked if a colleague has ever tried to make them look bad, 50 percent of respondents said yes; 48 percent said no; 2 percent said they didn't know.

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Girls Who Are Bullies

Girls, according to a 2006 Clemson University study, are nearly twice as likely to bully or be bullied electronically than boys [bullying by way of personal ...

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Husband Seeks Attention in a Harmful Way

Recently, Jana and I weathered one of the most stressful weeks in our marriage. I'd spent the previous two weeks traveling for business, and that week ...

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