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Sermon Illustrations about Homelessness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Homelessness to help bring your sermon to life.

New York Hair Stylist Cuts the Hair of the Homeless

Mark Bustos, a hair stylist at an upscale New York salon, spends Sunday (his one day off) cutting hair, just like the rest of the week. Well, almost like ...

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The Poor Can't Afford to Have "Bad Luck"

Gary Haugen, an ardent Christ-follower and the President of International Justice Mission, has seen global poverty up close for the last two decades. ...

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IKEA—Masters of Innovation and Refugee Relief

Who would have thought that IKEA, masters of cheap but affordable stuff for your home, would develop a simple idea that would revolutionize refugee resettlement ...

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Study Finds Poverty Saps Mental Capacity

For the rich or middle-class it might seem reasonable to ask, Why can't poor people just try harder and pull themselves out of the cycle of poverty? According ...

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Man Has Lavish Funeral for His Homeless Brother

This is the true story of twin brothers from Australia. As they were growing up, Leslie and Karl were close throughout their chaotic childhood. But after ...

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The Soloist—Just Show Up and Be a Friend

The film (and the book) The Soloist tells the true story of an unlikely friendship between Steve Lopez, a reporter for the L.A. Times, and Nathaniel Ayers, ...

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Church Greeter Changes the Life of a Homeless Man

Pastor Jud Wilhite shares the story of a church member named Cody Huff. Before Cody became a member at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, he was sleeping ...

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Max Lucado Shares a Meal with a Homeless Man

A few months ago I was sitting at the red light of a busy intersection when I noticed a man walking toward my car. He stepped off the curb, bypassed several ...

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Policemen Display Kindness to a Homeless Man

The following story appeared in a 2011 edition of the Indianapolis Star. The title read: "Small gesture on busy street alters view of police."

While walking ...

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Man Gives to Beggar for Wrong Reason

Author Ed Dobson wrote a book titled The Year of Living Like Jesus, in which he tells the story in diary form of how he tried to live as Jesus lived and ...

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