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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Home to help bring your sermon to life.

All or Nothing

One elder statesman of a Christian church has devoted himself to a fifty-year study of Christian and non-Christian families. He says that in American ...

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Selfish Strife

The secret of every discord in Christian homes and communities and churches is that we seek our own way and our own glory.

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Humor: A New Golden Rule

We've always tried to instill in our children God's desire that they respect and obey their parents. One morning, following an evening of explaining ...

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Built-In Character

There was a family in the San Francisco Bay area that grew up with commitment. The son's name was David Kraft. His father was a pastor, a godly pastor ...

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Grace in Church and Home

If I want those in my home to respond with grace toward the church, then I must respond with grace toward the church when I'm at home.

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Divine Calling

My family is close friends with another family who faithfully attends our church. Often we spend Sunday afternoons together relaxing at our house. Recently, ...

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Taking Children to Heaven

The only thing that parents can take to heaven is their children.

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Righteousness Starts at Home

Abraham was chosen to be a blessing to the whole earth, but his vocation was to begin to take effect in the simplest way. He was called to teach his own ...

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Best Intentions

One day, I taught my young class the story of Jesus visiting Mary and Martha. I carefully explained how Martha had hurried to clean the house and cook ...

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When Can a Busy Woman Pray?

How does prayer fit into the daily life of the woman who has three children and can be alone only if she locks herself in the bathroom?

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