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Sermon Illustrations about Holding on

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Holding on to help bring your sermon to life.

British Runner Completes His 401st Marathon

For many of us, running a marathon would be (or has been) a huge accomplishment. Twenty-six miles? That's impressive.

But then there's Ben Smith of Portishead, ...

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John Stott's Dying Wish

One of the greatest Christian leaders of the last century was John R. W. Stott, rector of All Souls Langham Place in London and a peerless preacher, Bible ...

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Even in Trauma, Look for the Stars

Dr. Jamie Aten, a cancer survivor and a Christian who researches how people respond to trauma, wrote in The Washington Post in which he urged trauma survivors ...

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How Long Can We Endure in a Crisis?

How much can an adult endure? If you're ever stranded in the wilderness, are caught in a burning building, or find that your scuba tank has run out of ...

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The World's Hardest Race

None of the 40 runners who attempted to finish the 100-mile Barkley Marathons in the mountains of eastern Tennessee completed the race, the first time ...

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African Leader Sticks to God's Call

In his book Pursuing Justice, Ken Wystma tells the following story about an African Christian leader who has spent the last 15 years helping some of the ...

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61-year-old Sheep Herder Wins the Australian Ultramarathon

In 1983, Australia hosted its ultramarathon, a 573.7 mile foot race from Sydney to Melbourne. This is a race that takes days to run, and professionals ...

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Terminally Ill Man Asks to Go Home

Fred Smith is an influential businessman who has mentored Christian leaders for several decades. In the summer of 2004, Fred was hospitalized in a semi-conscious ...

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Oklahoma City Tree Brings Hope

The most-sacred symbol in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a tree: a sprawling, shade-bearing, 80-year-old American Elm. Tourists drive from miles around to ...

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Persevering to the Finish Line

Runner's World (8/91) told the story of Beth Anne DeCiantis's attempt to qualify for the 1992 Olympic Trials marathon. A female runner must complete ...

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