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Sermon Illustrations about Heresy

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Heresy to help bring your sermon to life.

Former First Lady Says We Go ‘Somewhere’ When We Die

In an interview for the Howard Stern Show, former First Lady Hillary Clinton was asked about her faith.

“I have a deep faith,” she said before ...

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Ship Misguided by Faulty Maps

In the Kingdom of Ice is journalist Hampton Sides' compelling account of the failed nineteenth-century polar expedition of the USS Jeannette, captained ...

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Actress Kate Bosworth's View of Heaven

When actress Kate Bosworth, who plays the strong-willed wife of a preacher in the movie 90 Minutes in Heaven, thinks about heaven, she doesn't particularly ...

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Apartheid Was Based on Bad Theology

The system of apartheid in South Africa, a sophisticated but oppressive structure of racism that reigned for decades, was based in large part on theological ...

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Letter to the Editor Spurs Opiate Addictions

In his book Dreamland, journalist Sam Quinones points to one paragraph of false information that helped pave the way for the surge in addicts to the highly ...

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Words That Have Changed Meaning Over Time

Words change meaning over time in ways that might surprise you. Here are just a few examples of words (so, preacher, take your choice) you may not have ...

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World War 2 'Cargo Cults'—Faith Without Power

Natives of the islands of the South West Pacific had very little, if any, contact with the modern world and its many technological advances. So during ...

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Finding the "Recipe" to Explain the Trinity

Bradley Nassif, a follower of Christ from Lebanese descent, tells the story of his grandmother, who often showed her love by cooking. Nassif writes:

When ...

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Chinese Zoo Replaces Lion with a Dog

In August 2013 a public zoo in the third largest province in China temporarily shut down due to an unusual problem. Visitors discovered that the zoo's ...

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Lady Gaga Admits Hiding Lies in the Midst of Truth

In an interview with New York Magazine, Lady Gaga said,

What I've discovered is that in art, as in music, there's a lot of truth—and then there's ...

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