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Sermon Illustrations about Helplessness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Helplessness to help bring your sermon to life.

Lions Save Kidnapped Girl

Only 12-years-old, and in a moment one Ethiopian girl's world turned into a nightmare. Seven violent men abducted the pre-teen, intending to force ...

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Disabled Woman a Metaphor of the Church

In his book Disappointment with God, Philip Yancey offers a powerful metaphor for the church:

I have a bright, talented, and very funny friend in Seattle ...

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Turtle Rescue Is a Metaphor for Life

Author Barbara Brown Taylor writes:

Several summers ago, I spent three days on a barrier island where loggerhead turtles were laying their eggs. One night ...

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Afflicted Woman Bears Witness to God's Grace

Author and pastor Jim Van Yperen tells this story:

Margaret attended a church I served many years ago. Confined to a wheelchair for most of her adult life, ...

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Pastor's Illness Provides Time for Prayer

Ben Patterson writes:

It came by way of two ruptured lumbar discs. The doctor prescribed six weeks of total rest. The horrible pain prevented me from lying ...

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Son's Compassion Moved Him to Heroism

Author and Pastor Erwin McManus was speaking at a youth convention in Florida and brought his family along for a working vacation.

One morning Erwin and ...

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Spiritual Advantages of Poverty

Why would God single out the poor for special attention over any other group? I used to wonder. What makes the poor deserving of God's concern? I ...

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Arthur Miller Unable to Tell Marilyn Monroe "God Loves You."

In his autobiography Timebends, Arthur Miller tells of his marriage to Marilyn Monroe. During the filming of The Misfits Miller watched Marilyn descend ...

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"The African Queen": Divine Intervention

The movie The African Queen tells the story of Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart), a hard-drinker who runs a small steamboat through the shallow rivers ...

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Rescued by an Angel?

Hilary Russell and her parents, Susan and Richard, were on a mission of mercy that blustery winter day in 1978 as they drove from their Miami home to ...

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